Color Choices for Your Retaining Wall

By admin - on Aug 11, 2011

A retaining wall generally refers to the structure which holds back the earth at places where there is naturally a slope. The purpose of the retaining walls is to stabilize slopes and also to create an area in which you could do some gardening. Retaining walls could be used in agriculture, residential area, roads and even railways. The finishing product of retaining walls may look like a lot of work and complicated, but it could be relatively easy if you decide to do-it-yourself. Not to mention that the tools required are generally basic tools, and easy to acquire.

Retaining walls come in various materials and even designs; some of the materials that could be used are stones, wood, bricks or even stones. In terms of design, you could play around with the colors. When choosing the colors of blocks for retaining walls, you should match the material to the surrounding of your property. You might want to look around to observe the colour of your house brick, patios, or pool decking.

If you decide on picking similar colors for your retaining wall, you might want to choose some plant that would break up the colour. You would not want your retaining walls to blend in to be a part of your house now, would you? Though, it would be nice if you could choose contrasting colours for the different features of your house. An example would be dark roof tiles, light coloured house bricks, and pairing of dark coloured retaining wall.

You should also choose a retaining wall that would complement your house’s architecture – be it modern or even old style. Some of the colours that you could choose from include pewter, tan, beige, brown, golden brown, and many other choices. There are also some choices of colour blends such as rust and blue, autumn blend, marble blend, and many other blends.

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